Vaginal Discharge Issues In Women- Types, Diagnosis, And Treatments

white vaginal discharge from Virginia, likoria issue in women. How to treat vaginal discharge (likoria)?

The majority of the women have an issue of vaginal discharge which is a normal and expected condition. Several types of discharge can show an infection. Abnormal white discharge from Virginia can be yellow or green in color, thick in texture, or smell bad.

Abnormal discharge is usually caused by yeast or bacterial infection. In this article, we discuss all the types and treatments of vaginal discharge.

Some Type Of Vaginal Discharge

The vaginal discharge comes in various types, where it can be categorized with its color and texture. Some discharges are perfectly normal and others can show a serious problem that needs to be treated.

White Discharge 

 It's common to have some white discharge, especially at the start or end of the menstrual cycle. Suppose the discharge is itchy and has a thick, curd cheese-like substance or texture, so it is not normal and requires treatment as soon as possible. This kind of discharge indicates a yeast infection.

Watery and Transparent

It's totally normal to have a transparent, watery discharge. It can happen at any point during the month. It's possible that it'll be cumbersome after you've exercised.

Stretchy and Clear

Suppose your discharge is clear but looks stretchy and mucous instead of watery. It points out that you are ovulating, and it’s a normal kind of discharge.

Dark Red or Brown Discharge

The dark red or brown discharge is a normal discharge, which happens during or after the periods. At the end of the menstrual cycle, the brown discharge comes instead of the red color. You might experience a small amount of red discharge during the periods, which we called spotting. 

If it happens in the normal routine of period or you have had sex recently without any protection, it can be a pregnancy symptom. If spotting occurs in the early time of pregnancy, it is a sign of miscarriage, and you should consult with your doctor soon. 

Brown or bloody fluid may be an indicator of endometrial or cervical cancer in some cases. Other issues, such as abnormal growths or fibroids, can be a cause. That’s why a yearly pelvic checkup and Pap smear are important. During these procedures, your gynecologist will examine the cervical abnormalities.

Yellow or Green

It's not normal to have a yellow or green discharge, especially if it's thick, chunky, or smells bad. This sort of discharge could be an indication of the trichomoniasis infection. Sexual intercourse is a typical way for it to spread.

What Causes Abnormal Discharge?

Any alteration in the normal bacteria balance in the vaginal canal may impact the discharge’s smell, color, or texture. Here are a few factors that can throw the balance off:

  • Use of antibiotics or steroids
  • Diabetes
  • “Bacterial Vaginosis” is more common in pregnant women or has several sexual partners.
  • Pills for birth control
  • “Cervical Cancer” affects the female
  • Sexually transmitted illnesses such as chlamydia or gonorrhea (STDs)
  • Douches, Aromatic Soaps or Lotions, and Bubble Bath 
  • Following surgery, a pelvic infection develops
  • Pelvis Inflammation (PID)
  • Trichomoniasis spreads through unprotected sexual contact.
  • “Vaginal Atrophy” thinning and drying the vaginal walls after menopause
  • Vaginitis (Irritation in or around the vaginal area)
  • Infections are due to yeast.

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Home Remedies to Prevent Vaginal Discharge

The white discharge reasons are due to the non-hygienic clothes or undergarments which you use daily. Many couples don’t take care of hygiene during intercourse. Due to unhygienic intercourse, the white discharge from Virginia starts. It is important to maintain good hygiene whether you are having intercourse or are on your period and consult with the gynecologist soon. There are some white discharge treatments that you can easily follow.

According to the home remedies, you can control or treat these vaginal infections or vaginal discharge easily. We share some diet plans which you can follow to control vaginal discharge

Sourdough (Khamenei roti) 

It helps to fight vaginal discharge. You can take it for your lunch as well as for dinner.

Yogurt (Dahi) 

It has healthy bacteria that help to fight against fungal infections and is also a good source of calcium. You can take it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Some women who have vaginal discharge problems complain that they have back pain or have dark circles, so it is beneficial to eat yogurt that provides calcium.

Kanji’s Rus

Take some black carrots and soak in the water in the sun for three days. After the 3 days of soaking, you can drink its water before or at breakfast. Kanji juice is very beneficial for vaginal discharge where it fights against fungal infection.

Dry Fruits 

You can use dry fruits, which is also helpful to reduce the white discharge.

Almonds: Take 7 to 11 almonds without their cover and eat them before breakfast.

Coconut: Take 2 to 4 slices of coconut in the evening or can also drink its water.

Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is a natural antifungal, antibacterial, and antiviral agent. According to research, tea tree oil may help to treat infections.


Another helpful solution for addressing white discharge is ladyfinger (Bhindi), a popular dish. First, boil the ladyfinger in water, then you can churn some ladyfinger in the mixer. Some women dip ladyfinger in yogurt before eating it.

Starch Of Rice

To reduce the problem of white discharge, drink rice starch (boiled rice water) on a daily basis.  Rice starch is the best option when you have a constant problem with white discharge.

Guava Leaves

If you are suffering from vaginal discharge and itching in the vaginal part, you can make a drink of guava leaves. Take some guava leaves in the water in a bowl and boil it. After it cools, drink it twice a day.

Fenugreek Seeds

Fenugreek seeds are a natural home remedy that helps to stop vaginal discharge in women. You can take it after dissolving it in hot water. It has the ability to strengthen you internally. You can also cook fenugreek seeds in water for 30 minutes and drink it when it is cooled.


In this article, Dr Muhammad Sharafat Ali shares the home remedies that help prevent vaginal discharge, which women suffer mostly nowadays. He also said that it is due to the cause of unhygienic use of clothes or materials. It is most important to take care of hygiene to treat fungal infection.-



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