Simple Ways to Get Rid of Gastric Issues - Best Natural Remedies and Tips

Gastric Issues - Best Natural Remedies and Tips.

The continued pandemic of coronavirus has affected the normal lifestyle, which directly affected human diet and behaviors. Physical activities have been reduced to negligible as people are forced to stay indoors. 

This indoor restriction has raised plenty of health issues and one of these is Gas Problem in the stomach caused by low mobility and poor digestion. Gastric Gas is quite common that can happen to anyone. 

But do you know what factors cause gas and what we can do to avoid and treat gas? You can get rid of this uncomfortable condition by implementing Dr Sharafat Ali Remedies as he is a pioneer of natural sciences and states ultimate tips and herbal ways to maintain a healthy life.  

Do you want to know how to cure the gastric problem permanently? Get along! 

What kind of Unhealthy Habits Cause Gastric Issues? 

Generally, reduced physical activities cause Gastric issues like bloating and gas. Also, the food seasoning, spices, and improper combinations also lead to gas. High sugar, fat, and carbohydrate servings are other major causes.

Some solid causes and key factors for GIT problems include less or absence of physical activities and bad eating behaviors such as limitless binge eating.

Before we further move to find out the causes, symptoms, and treatments of the gastric issues. 

How Does the Digestive System Works?

Digestive system is not as simple as people think; it's a little bit complicated. The process involves many organs, secretions, and psychological involvement. 

The Digestive System starts from the mouth where saliva starts working on the meal bite to break it down which is then swallowed as a soft water-infused bowl. After swallowing, the soft food bowl reaches the stomach while passing through the esophagus - a tract that connects the mouth with the stomach. 

Esophageal muscles push the food toward the stomach where the food gets mixed with stomach acids for further digestion. Acid mixed food then is forwarded to the small intestine where the digestive juices further break down the food and intestine lining absorbs the necessary nutrients. 

The leftover food with potentially no nutrients goes straight to the large intestine, where excessive water is absorbed from it to make the stool which finally leaves the body via ractum and anus. 

Digestive problems can happen anywhere along the way from mouth to anus.

What are Gastrointestinal Diseases?

As the GI (Gastrointestinal) tract consists of many organs, any disorder in the gastrointestinal tract will be referred to as GI infection or problem. 

Many gastro problems may occur but the most common and typical digestive problems symptoms include acid reflux, bubbling, burping, vomiting and constipation as well. These are the 

Although there are a lot of GIT problems, they are not life threatening at all (mostly). The most common yet problematic issues are Gas and Bloating. 

How to Treat Gas and Bloating? 

If you are suffering from Gas and Bloating, you surely need some preventive measures to treat the problem. Sometimes, passing the gas becomes embarrassing and uncomfortable. So here's what you need to do then:

How to Treat and Prevent Gas?

Gas is just a byproduct of normal and healthy food metabolism inside the body and is normal until it's excessive and foul. Air in the digestive tract is either released through the mouth in the form of burp or through the anus in form of gas. Normal and healthy people typically pass gas 13 to 21 times a day.

As it's a food bi-product; some foods cause more gas than others and some people can feel gaseous within a few moments after eating a typical type of food. Some medical conditions and medicines can also cause gas. 

Some certain foods that cause gas should be taken with care. Uncomfortable stomach gas treatment lies in restricting gas-producing foods like apples, cabbage, milk and dairy products, mushrooms, peaches, pears. Onions. Beans and broccoli, Cauliflowers, prunes and wheat etc.

You can get gastrointestinal disease home treatment and gas problem solutions by implementing Dr. Sharafat Ali’ remedies mentioned below.

How to Treat and Prevent Bloating?

Bloating is the condition where you feel fullness and swelling in the belly; it may be caused by gas accumulation in the stomach or intestine. The bloating can also be a reason for gas pain under ribs.

It may happen for many reasons like hormonal changes in the women around periods, a stomach infection like ulcer and irritable bowel syndrome, or any other underlying condition. This digestive condition can cause gas, empty stomach gas, cramping, and diarrhea or constipation. 

You can prevent bloating by diet and lifestyle changes and it will make a huge difference for sure. You can cut back on fatty foods, avoid fizzy and chilled drinks, exercise more, avoid food that causes gas, stop chewing gums, avoid sweeteners, and energy bars as well.

Here are some simple and easy ways to get rid of all GIT problems recommended by Dr Sharafat Ali - a naturopath who aims at sharing his knowledge for the betterment of human beings.  

6 Simple Ways to Get Rid of Gastric Issues

  • Pull your Socks and Exercise:
  • Less physical activity is the major cause of digestive disorders, as for a healthy digestive system the physical activities play an important role. In covid pandemic, if you are inside the home, you are having an opportunity to practice physical exercise. So do more exercise on a daily basis.

  • Switch to Yoga
  • Yoga is believed to be the most ancient method to get rid of many digestive as well as mental health problems.  Yoga aims to protect the mind and the body; it helps relieve stress and ultimately keeps GIT healthy.

  • Hygienic & Healthy Food
  • Hygienic and healthy food is much important to keep your stomach, in fact whole digestive systems healthy. By avoiding junk, fatty and sugary food, you can keep yourself healthy.

  • Increase Your Fiber Intakes
  • Fiber rich diets like vegetables and many fruits are pleasant to have. Fibers will ensure you have a healthy and strong gut.

  • Drink Water
  • Drinking enough water keeps you hydrated and keeps your digestive engine on a good tract. Say goodbye to the aerated drinks and give away sugary foods and carbohydrates. Add lemon water and fresh juices in your daily diet.

    These are some easiest tips that will surely help you to keep your digestive system healthy and will prevent other complications. 

    Things to Remember and Avoid

    Moreover, if you want to treat it, here is what you can do in your routine life to cope up with your sick stomach. 

    • Try to sleep at least 6 hours without any interruption.
    • Avoid or try to limit the alcohol consumption.
    • Quit smoking as it provokes acidity.
    • Do not go to bed immediately after a meal as it increases acid reflux.

    Psychological Factor to Maintain Nice Digestion

    Stomach health is undeniably and directly related to emotional health. Any kind of stress, trauma, or depression, and anxiety directly affects the stomach health and causes poor digestion, gas, and bloating. 

    Moreover, according to Dr Sharafat Ali, what we are doing wrong today is the excessive use of mobile screens seven while eating. They say; eyes eat before the mouth tastes, and that’s true. Our stomach releases a bit of gastric juices and protective secretions even before receiving the first bite from the mouth. 

    Disturbance happens when we do not merely focus on our food and take bites while busy watching shows either mobile or on TV.  This fact is even backed by many religions and therapeutic methods. 

    One more thing, there are plenty of positions to relieve gas naturally and prostration is one of those. Practicing prostration can help you with gastric issues, diabetes, blood pressure, skin issues, and much more. 


    You can keep yourself healthy and live a happy life by maintaining your digestive engine on track. To ensure if your GIT is healthy, you should benefit from the best remedies provided by Dr Sharafat Ali at Desi Dawaai. The information narrates his years-long experience and aids as a true care mentor with an aim to provide a healthy lifestyle to everyone.


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