Bone Weakness and Its Treatment - Time to Say Goodbye to Immense Pain

Bone Weakness, its prevention and treatment  , How to overcome Bone Weakness for a healthy life

The healthier the bones, the healthier you are, and bone weakness can make life miserable! 

That’s true as the bones play an essential role in the quality of life we are spending. These bones give our bodies a frame to rely on, a strength to fight with, and a base for overall health. That’s why you should pay credit to your skeletal system by taking good care of it. 



Healthy bones are the key to a comfortable and generous life, but sadly, most of us cannot take care of them. Do you feel immense pain while doing some work? Is it challenging for you to go on a walk to lose weight? Are you tired of taking medicines to kill those bone aches? If you find these queries relatable, no worries! Today’s article can find you peace. 

As explained by a well-known herbalist, some of the worthier health tips and remedies, as demonstrated by a renowned herbalist, Dr Muhammad Sharafat Ali, will surely lead you to a pain-free life. At DesiDawaai, you can find answers to plenty of your queries and solve various health issues. 

Before jumping straight to the remedies, let’s understand the science behind the sickness to know better what factors are causing bone weakness. 

What is Osteoporosis?

Osteoporosis is the condition in which bones become weak, fragile, and more prone to breaking. Osteoporosis eats up the bones so intensively that sometimes, even sneezing or doing some small chore can break the bone. 

That’s why you need to be careful about preventing0 bone weakness because there’s no way to revive the bone loss! 

Many factors lead to bone loss in different ways. Above all, the diet lacking essential minerals is the most common cause of bone weakness as these minerals strengthen the bone structure. 

If someone suffers Bone Weakness, the bones that become more prone to breakage are; 

  • Wrist bone - doing some chores, weight lifting, or working in the garage can cause a fracture.

  • Hip bones - even a minor slip or hit can break the hip bones making daily life a pain by restricting mobility.  

  • Spinal bones - same as hip bones; even a minor collision can damage spinal cord discs, and results can be horrific. Again, the pain can move towards the feet and hands, affecting the whole body. 

One should consider osteoporosis treatment first hand; otherwise, this bone weakness can lead to the most chronic stage; sometimes, only a cough or sneeze can break the rib or cause spinal cord damage.

Can Bone Loss Before Osteoporosis Happen? 

Bone loss before osteoporosis is itself a problem. The stage before osteoporosis is called Osteopenia. That’s what happens when the scan shows a minor cavity between the bones compared to the age. Osteopenia wouldn’t always lead to osteoporosis, but you can prevent the situation by taking care of your bones. 

Many people get affected by this disease and feel immense pain throughout the day, even when doing minor chores. About 500,000 people get hospitalized due to fractures every year by falling even from low heights, and most of these patients have Osteopenia or Osteoporosis. Again, th

What are the Causes of Bone Weakness? 

We get more prone to bone loss with age, but it also affects younger people. In addition, some people may lose bone relatively faster than others, as they lack essential minerals in their diet.

If we discuss women's health, they are more affected than men as women start facing bone loss even in their menopause’s first year. A woman with no or one ovary quickly becomes an easy target for weak bones.

Other than age and hormones, the factors that may cause osteoporosis are;

  • Taking a high dose of steroid tablets for more than three months
  • Having a low Body Mass Index or a lean body
  • Lack of vitamins in diets like Vit A, Vit C, Vit B12, and Amino Acids
  • Having an eating disorder like Anorexia
  • Family history of Osteoporosis and Arthritis 
  • Some hormone-related medical conditions 
  • Anti-estrogen tablets, if used for more than three months.

Are You Suffering from Osteoporosis?

Osteoporosis is a silent condition that is diagnosed only by the very first fracture. Usually, people heal within 6 to 8 weeks from fracture. But yes, the muscles get tired and fragile by bearing the pain for a more extended period. Also, people take time to get recovered emotionally after a fracture. 

While you are suffering any kind of fracture, either it is in the hip bone, knee, or backbone, you have to take complete bed rest for a more extended period. That’s because the fracture can make people feel tired all the time and are emotionally disturbed.

Bone-Loss Symptoms

Typically, there are no osteoporosis symptoms until getting a fracture, but some noticeable things can alarm you, either it’s a bone loss or not. These alarming conditions include; 

  • More leisurely bone break than expected 
  • Back pain, caused by a fracture
  • Loss of height over time
  • A stooped posture

You should pay a visit to the physician if you are facing weak bones symptoms. But as we all know, allopathic medicines may have severe side effects. In addition, in a situation where you’ve to take the medication for a more extended period, the condition may worsen. 

So if you wish to restrict side effects, you can take preventive measures and can make sure to benefit from some of the best remedies given by Dr Muhammad Sharafat Ali - a natural healer.  His remedies will surely lead you to a pain-free life not only for a bone loss but many other sicknesses.

Preventions as Explained by Dr Muhammad Sharafat Ali

You can maintain healthy bones by having a nutritious and mineral-rich diet paired with regular exercise. If you do not want to be on the sick list, take these measures mentioned by Dr Muhammad Sharafat Ali into account to be fit and healthy.

Protein Intake

Proteins are the building block of bones. Various vegetables and lentils like Soyabean, Nuts, and Seeds are rich protein sources and Beef, Mutton, and Eggs.

Maintain Weight 

Maintaining an exact body weight according to your body mass index is mandatory. If you are underweight, there’s a high risk of bone weakness, but being overweight can also lead to bone fractures.

Calcium/Minerals Intake

Bones are exclusively calcium, and having a balanced calcium diet prevents the bone-loss. Low-fat dairy products, Dark green leafy vegetables, canned salmon, or sardines with bones, Soy products, Calcium-fortified cereals, and orange juice are rich sources of Calcium and Minerals. 

However, more calcium consumption can lead to a kidney stone, and that’s why a controlled and balanced consumption is better. 

Exercising Regularly

Exercising regularly is the key to maintain strong bones to reduce the chances of weak bones. Start exercising at a younger age so you can preserve bone and muscle health for long life.  

Vitamin D Intake 

Vitamin D is an essential element for stronger bones. The best source of vitamin D is sunlight in the early dawn. 

The Choice of Salt

 Always use iodized or pink Himalayan salt in your food as it’s the most economical and easy way to keep your bones healthy. Sea salt or low-quality salt can perforate the bones leading to bone weakness. 


Bones are the pillars of our body - if these pillars aren’t healthier (Bone Weakness), how can they withstand the bodyweight with ease? To ensure bone health, take good care of your bones to make your life painless and comfortable. Prevention is always better than cure. To prevent bone loss, this article explains some of the worthiest daily life habits as preventive measurements presented by the pioneer of herbal treatment Dr Muhammad Sharafat Ali. 

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