Belly Button Oil - A Myth Or A Worth It Ancient Technique?

Health benefits of belly button oil , Belly Button Oil can be a myth; the world has witnessed enormous benefits over the years

Oiling or massaging the body is considered a traditional and beneficial remedy we have seen our parents and grandparents practice and talk about. Oiling is not just helpful for nourishment but also gives many more advantages.  

But the question arises: is it worth oiling the belly button? Or is this just a belly button oiling myth? Let's look at both sides of the story in this article to get all the answers.

Whenever you choose an oil like coconut oil, mustard oil, olive oil, or any other essential oil, you choose a whole set of endless benefits for your health. The belly button isn’t just a tiny dot on the navel; it’s also a doorway to many health solutions. This small button is connected to multiple blood vessels in the body and can absorb ample nourishment via oiling. 

Although it's a tie between yes or no, it’s an ancient method (also known as Pinchot Method) in modern-day therapeutic centers, spas, massage houses, and other treatment plans. Let’s weigh both sides of the story and understand the wise information provided by Dr Muhammad Sharafat Ali, the Naturalist, and Herbalist. 

What Exactly is the Navel?

The navel is just like scar tissue generated from the detachment of the umbilical cord after childbirth.  This umbilical cord provides oxygen and beneficial nutrients from mother to child during the pregnancy period. It consists of three vessels, including two arteries and one vein. When the umbilical cord is detached or removed, the vessels close up.

According to the National Center of Biotechnology Information, when the umbilical vein degenerates, a ligament is formed, connected to the liver. Its only purpose is to divide the liver into two sections.

 Belly Button Oil - Is it Worth Oiling the Belly Button?

The Ayurveda, an Indian traditional healing system, is considered the most ancient healing system. Ayurveda believes in the process of putting oil on the belly button as it’s beneficial for many concerns and aids in targeting and treating various health issues. 

Some of the fields where belly oiling does the wonders are; 

Removes Dirt

Do you always pay attention to the belly button? Probably no!  But when you clean the belly button, you can get rid of many toxic germs and dirt particles gathering around. And it helps to keep the stomach and navel area free from any possible problems.

Improves Purity and Complexion

Nobody wants a rough and dull look. If you want a charming face, glowing skin, and blemishing skin texture, massaging and regularly oiling your belly button will surely improve your skin health. It should be on your to-do list in routine. 

By oiling the belly button, you can purify your blood and remove the impurities from the body. So by using neem oil, coconut oil, or any essential oil according to your skin problem, you can have glowing skin.

Get Rid of Daily Infections

Usually, people don't pay more attention to belly buttons, and if you don’t clean the belly button, it can make you vulnerable to infections on the inside and the outside. Massaging oils can be the best option to get rid of several conditions naturally without taking any medicines. Using mustard or tea tree oil can kill the bacteria and prevent them from coming back to infect you again.

Treats an Upset Stomach

If you face any digestive troubles, apply a mixture of mustard oil and ginger oil to your belly button. It will help you to solve digestive problems, bloating, and nausea. That’s the most straightforward way to relieve an uneasiness in digestive trouble. 

Lessens Menstrual Pain

Menstrual pain is mostly unbearable, and cramps can make daily life miserable. Unfortunately, many girls and women face this pain during their cycle, but no worries, there is no simple and easy way to get rid of this pain besides oiling the belly button. 

Oiling in the belly relaxes the veins around the uterine lining and rejuvenates the body, ultimately it lessens the pain and gives comfort.

Improves fertility

In this era, the infertility rate is getting higher daily, and people tend to use medicines to be fertile. Fortunately, it is believed that oiling on the belly button can improve fertility levels in both men and women. 

It also helps in uterine lining relaxation, and it is said that the belly button has a strong connection between the mother and the baby. Adding oil to the belly button can also improve sperm count in men.

Balances the Chakras

Both yoga and Ayurveda pay special attention to the navel and belly button, presumed to be energy centers. Therefore, taking special care of the belly button balances the chakras and energizes your body.

Improves your Vision

Suppose you are suffering from any eye-related problem, then no more allopathic drops! The belly button connects to the veins, which go up to the eyes. So, if you are suffering from poor vision or blurriness, rubbing some mustard oil on the belly button can solve this problem. 

Further, navel oiling with almond oil is believed to be an excellent way to reduce the appearance of dark circles around the eyes and puffy eyes.

Lessens Joint Pains and Aches

If you have arthritis or osteoporosis and have body aches and joint pains, applying castor oil and rosemary oil to the belly button can relieve you. Massaging the belly button with these oils can relieve the symptoms and manage your pain in a better way.

Belly Button Oiling for Weight Loss  

If you want to lose weight, massaging or oiling the belly button can support your other lifestyle modifications. You can burn fat rapidly without any strenuous exercise and diet plan, just by applying some Rosemary Oil to the navel. 

The benefits are unlimited and cannot be thoroughly enlisted; still, a group of people believes it’s just a myth and nothing else. 

Belly Button Oil Myth:

Many people believe that massaging oil and getting advantages is just a myth as science doesn't show any evidence regarding this procedure. The umbilical cord contains three vessels, including two arteries and one vein, and when the cord is served, those vessels are closed permanently. 

This closure restricts the blood and fluid flow through the cord gradually as the baby leaves the womb. That’s precisely why oiling the belly button is considered a myth. After the child’s birth, only skin tissues and ligaments reside in the body, and no glands are left to absorb anything. 

Even though there is no scientific evidence of the novel therapy, critics about belly button massage are still here, and some people believe that this is just a myth. Conversely, the method is globally famous, and this statement leaves a mark on some of the most ancient treatments. 

In the end, we humans believe what we experience. Though science cannot prove any connection, we cannot neglect the health effects witnessed over centuries. There may be a connection yet to be discovered.

Just like every Ayurveda, Herbalist, and Naturalist, Pakistan’s proud herbalist Dr Muhammad Sharafat Ali also explains a lot of magical benefits of oil massaging into the belly button. 

A Tip: Though all oils have their benefits, mustard oil in navel benefits is a wholesome package for overall health and lively life.  

Preventive Measures Before Oiling

Here are some general tips to follow before oiling the belly button: 

  • Sanitize your hands before applying any oil to the belly button.
  • Do not put much pressure on that area and be gentle.
  • One should do a patch test before massaging oil.

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  • Conclusion:

    Although there is no such scientific evidence of the beneficial impacts of belly button oil,  it does work miracles, and the whole world has been witnessing this for centuries. You can apply or rub oil on the belly button and eliminate many health hazards without any complicated procedure. It’s a doorway to a healthier life.


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