The products on Desi Dawaai are mostly DRAP Approved and hence are safe to use. The products come with minimalistic adverse effects and any person having a complex set of diseases or health issues should consult the concerned person before choosing any product. On the other hand, all the information and remedies mentioned in the blog posts are not approved by FDA and in no way are intended to test, diagnose, cure, or treat severe illnesses and challenging diseases. Instead, all the remedies and lifestyle modifications are shared with a core intention of providing nature-wrapped solutions to general health concerns. Any individual having a history or existence of some serious diseases should always consult his/her physician before opting for any remedy. Anyone willing to pursue his/her health according to the stated remedies should take it voluntarily and experimentally. We are Naturalists and Herbalists at the core and hence; do not suggest, prescribe, or support any pharmaceuticals.