Painful Lipoma And Body Lumps - Lifestyle Modifications To Prevent And Treat Lumps

Painful lipoma, Body Lumps, Fatty lumps.Lipomas are like fatty tissue lumps that grow anywhere on the body.

Lipoma is a lump tissue that is round or oval in shape that develops under—the skin. It is made up of fats. When you touch it, it moves quickly, and it does not generally cause pain.

Lipomas can occur anywhere in the body, but it especially appears on the back, neck, shoulders, arms, and trunk. In this article, Dr Muhammad Sharafat Ali discusses and shares the best treatment to prevent painful lipoma.

What is Lipoma?

A medical definition of painful lipoma is a slow-growing fatty tissue development that grows under the skin. Lipomas may affect any age of people, but they are uncommon in children. A lipoma can develop on any part of the body, but they are most commonly found on the:

  • Fatty lump on neck
  • Lipoma on Shoulders
  • Painful lipomas on Forearms
  • Lipoma on Arms
  • Painful Lipoma on Thighs

They're known as benign fatty tissue growths or tumors, which means lipoma does not cause cancer and is rarely dangerous. Treatment for painful lipoma usually is unnecessary unless it is causing you pain.

What Are The Main Symptoms Of Lipomas?

 There are several different forms of skin tumors; lipoma has its own set of characteristics. If you think you have a lipoma, you can expect to:

  • Be gentle on the skin
  • Colorless
  • Slowly rise
  • If you touch it with your finger, it will pass quickly.
  • Just under the layer

 Lipomas are most often found in the neck, upper arms, thighs, and forearms, but they can also grow in the stomach and back, and when a lipoma compresses nerves under the skin, it is painful. An angiolipoma is a type of lipoma that is more painful than ordinary lipomas. If you find any changes in your skin, you should contact your doctor. Lipomas may resemble rare cancer known as liposarcoma.

 Causes And Risk Factors Of Lipoma

Medical professionals did not give a primary cause of lipomas, but some believe they are a reaction to physical trauma. Some believe that the lipoma already exists and is now being discovered due to the injury.

 Here are some possible risk factors:

  • Lack of Physical Activity: According to some physicians, Physical activity, like many other things, can protect you. You can see the Lipomas to be more common in inactive individuals.
  • Genetics: Lipomas are sometimes transferred down from generation to generation so that genetics can play a role.
  • Age: Lipomas can occur in anyone, but they are most familiar to see between the ages of 40 and 60.
  • Some Medical Problems like Gardner syndrome, adiposis dolorosa, multiple hereditary lipomatosis, and Madelung disease, which causes benign and malignant tumors to form, all increase the risk of developing lipomas. You can easily see these lipomas in men who are heavy drinkers.

How Can Diagnose Painful Lipoma?

A physical test diagnoses the lipoma. It has a gentle feel to it and isn't painful. Due to its fatty tissues, lipoma usually moves easily and quickly when touched.

 In some instances, A dermatologist can take a biopsy of the lipoma. They'll take a small sample of the tissue during this process and send it to a lab for examination.

This test is to find out cancer as a chance. When a lipoma isn't cancerous, it may sometimes resemble a malignant or cancerous liposarcoma.

 If the lipoma grows in size and becomes painful, your doctor will remove it to ease the pain and clear out liposarcoma. If a biopsy reveals that a suspected lipoma is a liposarcoma, additional testing with MRI and CT scans may be needed.

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How Is A Lipoma Treated?

When a lipoma is kept alone, it typically does not cause any issues. If the lump bothers you, a dermatologist can treat it. They'll suggest the proper treatment for you based on some conditions like it hurts you and is painful then it may be treated as soon. There are three treatments including:


The most common treatment for lipoma is surgery to remove it. If you have a large skin tumor that is still developing, this is particularly beneficial.

Lipomas will reappear even after they had removed surgically. A technique known as an excision is used to perform this procedure under local anesthesia.


Another treatment procedure is liposuction. Since lipomas are made up of fat, this technique may help to reduce their size. A needle attached to a large syringe is used for liposuction, and the region is usually numbed before the treatment.

Steroid Injections

It may give Steroid injections directly to the affected region. This procedure will help to reduce the size of the lipoma, but it won't eliminate it.

Lifestyle Modification And Home Remedies

A home remedy is mentioned by Dr Muhammad Sharafat Ali, which is a chatni (sauce) with cloves of garlic, ginger, pomegranate seeds, mints, and green chillis. You can take all these ingredients, grind them well, make their chatni (sauce), and eat it in your lunch or dinner. It will help to prevent lumps in the body.

Moreover, he also mentioned the natural ingredients to use in daily life. He said the painful lipoma patient should use the clay pot for cooking

He also recommends using rock salt ( Pahari namak), brown sugar (Gurr), not white sugar, and eat whole wheat flour (Chakki ka atta), and cook in mustard oil which is very helpful to prevent lipomas.

Dr Muhammad Sharafat Ali discusses the causes of painful lipoma and body lumps in his lecture. He said the leading cause of lipoma is iron, steel, silver, and non-stick pots where we make our food. It is very dangerous for our body health.

He also said Whoever cooks in a clay pot cooks in reality, but if we cook our food in the metal pot, it decomposes, not cooked, and our body does not digest the decomposed food; it digests the well-cooked food.

Dr Muhammad Sharafat Ali gave an example to understand this concept. He said to take one banana fully decomposed, which is very soft, and another banana cooked.

Which banana do you want to eat? A cooked banana, not the other one, but all the people like to eat the decomposed food, not well-cooked food. Our stomach doesn't digest the decomposed food; it digests the well-cooked food. 

He suggests just changing your cooking pots will change your life. The primary reason for making lipoma and body lumps due to the thickness of blood and blood thickness is the unhealthy food cooked in metal pots.

Cooking your food in clay pots is very useful to prevent lumps and many diseases like weight gain, stomach problems, liver problems, etc.


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