How To Maintain Your Current Weight-Tips To Healthy Weight Management

Current weight, keep weight off. Tips to maintain your ideal weight easily.

Weight Maintenance is possible to succeed when you change your habits. Many things may impact your weight, like your age, lifestyle, gender, family habits, genetics, culture, work, sleep, and everything. However, these are the reasons to maintain your current weight, which is ideal in your life.

Today Dr Muhammad Sharafat Ali discusses in this article how to maintain your current weight when you reduce your weight, whether it is done by the Keto diet, Healthy diet, or Atkin diet. It is essential to maintain your current weight; otherwise, it will come back to its place.

Why Do People Gain Weight?

There are several fundamental reasons that people regain their weight after losing it. Unrealistic expectations and emotions of lack are the most common causes.

Restrictive Diets: High-calorie restriction can slow down the metabolism and change your "Appetite Regulating" hormones; both have the factors to contribute and regain weight quickly. 

Wrong Mindset: If you think you can reduce your weight fast rather than a long-term plan to improve your health, you can easily give up and gain the weight back you have lost.

Lack Of Long-term Habits: Many diets rely on willpower instead of habits that can adapt to daily life. They place a greater emphasis on regulations than lifestyle adjustments, which discourage you and stop you from maintaining your weight.

Some Amazing Tips to Maintain The Current Weight After The Diet

First of all, you should slowly add some calories to your diet. If you suddenly add more calories to your diet than your requirements, it is harmful to your body, and your body will automatically gain weight. So it is essential to know how many calories your body wants to maintain your current weight?

It would help if you learned a general thing after your weight loss diet that will help to maintain your ideal weight. You can slowly add milk, plain bread, rice, and fruit one by one to your diet. 

  • Let's say you did a keto diet where you left plain bread, fruits, vegetables, and all the pulses. So you can add vegetables like beetroot or carrots in a month. 

  • Due to the high quantity of starch in carrots, we recommend you to eat carrots once or twice a month. You can also eat tomato or onion as a salad. 

Now we are going to discuss more foods which you can add or not. When you do a keto diet or simply weight loss diet, and suddenly you eat one or two plain bread after the diet. You think you have already reduced your weight and can eat anything after the diet, so it is not suitable for your body. You can eat just one-fourth of a piece of plain bread in two weeks.

If you add all the vegetables, pulses, rice, and bread to your diet at a time, then your weight will gain fastly whether you do the keto diet or the Atkin diet. So you can add these things Gradually to your diet.

Some Things Which You Don't Do After The Weight Loss

  • Don't use dairy products because they have many calories that can quickly affect your body and gain weight. If you like to eat dairy products, you can use one to two glasses of milk for a person.

  • Don't use tea with milk which is also not good after dieting.

  • Don't use more quantity of oil in your food.

  • If you reduce your weight through any shortcut, you can start from the 2 to 3 spoons of yogurt to add to your meal but not for keto dieters. 

  • You can use 2 to 3 tablespoons of yogurt for keto dieters twice a month because it can quickly gain weight in keto dieters.

Fruits You Should Add To Your Diet

When we talk about fruits, you can add two more fruits to your diet, as many fruits as you used to take.

  • Melon, Watermelon, Cantaloupe: You can choose any one of the fruits to eat of one cup of watermelon or melon or cantaloupe in your diet.

  • Cherries: You can eat 12 to 17 cherries; if you eat cherries already in your diet, you can add more cherries.

  • Dry Apricot: You can add 3 to 4 (khubani) to your diet.

  • Plum Fruit: you can add as well as 3 to 4 (Alo bhukare) to your diet.

  • Nuts: Add some 7 to 8 almonds to your diet as well as you can add walnuts.

Exercise Frequently

When you have reduced your weight but dont do the physical activity, it means you return to your daily lifestyle; it means there are no benefits of the diet.

The importance of regular exercise in weight maintenance cannot be overstated. It may assist you in burning off some extra fat and increasing your metabolism, and both are necessary for achieving energy balance.

When you're in energy, that means you're burning the same amount of calories as you're taking in. As a result, you're more able to keep weight off.

According to many studies, People who engage in at least 200 minutes of physical activity each week (30 minutes per day) after reducing their weight can maintain their current weight.

In rare cases, if you want to maintain your current weight and not gain more weight, you may be required to do a high level of physical exercise. According to one study, if you do 1 hour of exercise daily, that is ideal for those trying to maintain their current weight.

It's essential to keep in mind that exercise is most effective for weight loss when accompanied by other lifestyle modifications, such as eating a healthy diet.

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Some More Things You Can Add To Your Diet 

  • Try to drink more water in your daily routine.

  • You can eat junk food in a month but not daily.

  • However, you can take mutton, beef in a month.

  • If you reduced your weight through the keto diet or any hack or shortcut, you could take 3 to 4 tablespoons of rice a month.

  • An average person who took ten tablespoons of rice in their regular diet can add six tablespoons of rice more to the diet. You can take rice for lunch or dinner, whatever you like.

  • Moreover, you can add one slice of brown bread instead of plain bread (roti).


This article shares all the tips and food that will help you maintain your current weight after the weight loss diet plan. You can add some fruits, pulses, rice, brown bread slowly to your diet but not as much. Because if you take everything at a time, you will gain your weight back fastly.


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