Stomach Care - Ajmal Dawakhana

    Safoof Namak Shiekh-ur-Rais


    Safoof Namak Shiekh-Ul-Rais act as carminative, appetizer and stomachic. It is effective in indigestion, flatulence, heaviness and stomach weakness. It also helps indigestion. The active ingredient of Safoof Namak Shiekh-ur-Rais...

    Ajmali | For Stomach Issues


    Ajmali gives strength to the stomach and regulates liver. This herbal medicine is highly useful for a stomach disorder. Gastric problems can impair routine life and sometimes this discomfort can...

    Majun Nankhawa


    Majun Nankhawa regulates the problem of over lactation in women. It gives strength to the stomach and enhances appetite. It is helpful in flatulent and gases. Act as carminative and...

    Muffareh Azam


    Muffareh Azam strengthens heart and stomach. It is also beneficial in palpitation. Dosage: 5g with water before breakfast. Or as directed by the physician. Packing Size: 50gm

    Jawarish Zarooni Sada | Strengthens Kidney Functions


    Jawarish Zarooni Sada tones up the kidneys and regulates its functions. It decreases the coldness of kidney and keeps it normal (warm). Dosages: Adults: 5g With Water Two Times A...

    Majun Zanjabeel


    Majun Zanjabeel helps in digestion, increases appetite. It gives strength to stomach. It is useful in leucorrhoea, uterine pain, and menstrual irregularities. Dosage: 5g with water two times a day...

    Maa-ul-laham | General Herbal Tonic


    Maa-ul-Laham is a general herbal tonic manufactured by Dawakhana Hakim Ajmal Khan. This general herbal tonic is a cure for general debility and provides help in strengthening the heart, nerves...

    Jawarish Ood Shirin | For Stomach Acidity


    Jawarish Ood Shirin strengthens the stomach. It is effective in acidity of stomach and flatulence. It increases appetite. Dosages: Adults: 5g With Water Two Times A Day. Children: 3g With...

    Habbe Raal | Gastric & Intestinal Wounds


    It is effective for gastric and intestinal wounds. Also, beneficial in acute diarrhea and dysentery.  Moreover, heal wounds of stomach and intestine. Dosage: 2 Tablets with water two times a...

    Zamad Jalinus


    Zamad Jalinus is effective for the removal of inflamed spots of gall bladder, stomach and liver. It softens the muscles of stomach. The active ingredient of Zamad Jalinus is Roghan...

    Roghan Babunah


    Roghan Babunah relieves rheumatic pain, otalgia, and other pains. Its also have the ability to soothe the nerves and promote more restful sleep. It is used for the treatment of...

    Safoof Namak Sulaimani


    Safoof Namak Sulaimani acts as carminative, appetizer and stomachic. It helps in indigestion, flatulence and effective in heaviness and weakness of stomach. its acts as an appetizer that stimulates the...

    Qurs Faulad


    Qurs Faulad strengthens stomach and liver. It is a good remedy for anemia. It is useful in iron deficiency, increases the blood formation, and removes the loss of appetite and...

    Jawarish Mastagi Sada | Strengthens Bladder & Stomach


    Jawarish Mastagi Sada strengthens bladder and stomach. Checks polyurea. It is beneficial in enuresis and phlegmatic diseases. Dosages: Adult: 5gm With Water Two Times A Day. Children: 3g With Water...

    Jawarish Fawaka Sada | Strengthens Vital Organs


    Jawarish Fawaka Sada strengthens stomach, heart, and brain. It is useful in removing restlessness. Dosages: Adults:  5g With Water Two Times A Day, Children: 3g With Water Two Times A...

    Namak Ajmali


    Namak Ajmali is useful for gastric problems, indigestion, flatulence, gastric pain, lack of appetite, and liver weakness. Moreover, It is  provides strength to digestive organs. It acts as well as...

    Jawarish Ood Tursh | For Stomach & Jaundice Issues


    Jawarish Ood Tursh strengthens the stomach and increases appetite. It is effective in lack of acidity of the stomach. Useful in jaundice. Dosages: Adults: 5g With Water Two Times A Day....

    Roghan Gul


    Roghan Gul is useful in early stages of delirium associated with fever relieves a headache caused due to intense heat. Beneficial in a headache due to hyperthermia and effective in...

    Jawarish Bisbasa | For Gastrointestinal Problems


    Jawarish Bisbasa is useful in gastrointestinal problems especially in pain of flatulence, indigestion, lack of appetite, piles, obesity. It also evacuates the effete matters of the stomach. As well as...

    Sharbat Elaichi


    Sharbat Elaichi is a powerful aromatic and refreshing drink that helps in increasing appetite and improves digestion process. It also acts as stimulant, reduces depression and improves the strength of...

    Jawarish Mastagi Banuskha Kalan | For Stomach & Bladder Strength


    Jawarish Mastagi Banuskha Kalan increases retentive power of stomach It strengthens bladder and stomach, liver. Absorbs the putrid and bad humor of the stomach. Useful in polyurea. Dosages: Adult 5g...

    Sharbat Kausar


    Sharbat Kausar acts as an antacid that helps to relieve problems like heartburn, stomach acid as well as anemia related issues, and drowsiness. It also improves blood circulation and increases...

    Arq Elaichi | Relieves Indigestion Issues


    Arq Elaichi provides energy to your heart and stimulates it, restores the stomach to proper functioning in case of Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GRED) problem and diarrhea, stops vomiting and prevent...

    Qurs Heel


    Qurs Heel is an effective herbal remedy for stomach pain and diarrhea. Most people occasionally experience abdominal pain, gastroesophageal reflux disease, flatulence, gastric problems, abdominal pain, inflammation of the abdomen,...

    Habbe Halteet | For Indigestion


    Habbe Halteet is effective in stomach pain. It increases appetite. Act as digestive, help in digestion. Dosage: 2 tablets with water after each meal. Or as directed by the physician....



    Sharbat-e-Sandal is a well-known healthy and refreshing drink in Asia. It is also effective for palpitation, anxiety, burning micturition, and bilious diarrhea. It is a refreshing healthy treat in the...

    Nashadar Sada


    Nashadar Sada is used to strengthening liver, stomach, and intestine and regulate their functions. Dosage: Adults 5g with water two times a day Or as directed by the physician. Packing...

    Ajmal Arq Podina | Relieves Stomach & Gas Issues


    Ajmal Arq Podina makes digestion better. Act as carminative and give strength to the stomach (stomachic). It also stops nausea and vomiting. Ajmal Arq Podina has lots of anti-oxidants which...

    Majun Sangdana Murgh


    Majun Sangdana Murgh strengthens stomach and intestines. Beneficial in diarrhea caused by atony of the gastrointestinal tract and It prevents (diarrhea) loose motion due to the weakness of the stomach....

    Jawarish Zaruni Ambari | Strengthens Kidney & Bladder


    Jawarish Zaruni Ambari is useful for strengthening the kidneys, bladder. Strengthen the backbone and vertebral column. Check the polyurea. Beneficial in a headache and productive cough. Maintain the black color...

    Jawarish Jalinus | Strengthens Stomach Function


    Jawarish Jalinus is one of the most renowned formulations in Tibb-e-Unani pharmacopeia. Jawarish Jalinus is highly effective in curing the disorders like lack of appetite, indigestion, flatulence, rheumatic piles, constipation,...

    Qurs Bisbasa


    Qurs Bisbasa gives strength to stomach. It increases appetite. Dosage: One To Tablets After Meals With Water Or As Directed By The Physician. Packing Size: 20tabs

    Qurs Pudina


    Qurs Pudina strengthens the stomach. It also helps in digestion and increases appetite. It removes itching, pruritus if due to indigestion and prevents flatulence. Dosages: 1-2 tablets with water two...



    Muffarehin Ajmali is used to remove heat from the stomach, liver, hand, and feet. It is useful in dysentery. And also reduces burn-in chest. Dosage 1 tablet with two times...

    Itrifal Kashnizi | For Stomach Issues & Brain


    Itrifal Kashnizi strengthens the brain, nervous system and intestines, removes constipation. Its prolonged use relieves chronic cold permanently. It also relieves chronic cold and diseases associated with cold likewise headache,...

    Ajeeb Ajmali | Stomach Disorder & Pain


    Ajeeb Ajmali is a multipurpose herbal medicine that alleviates abdominal pain, indigestion, cholera, vomiting, and diarrhea. Ajeeb Ajmali is also useful in body aches, bruises, edema, insect bites, itching, and...

    Basant Malti | For Digestive System


    Basant Malti strengthens stomach and intestine and checks the liver. Useful for diarrhea due to the weakness of intestine and stomach, enteritis sprue. Dosages: 1 tablet with majun  sangdana-e-murgh 5g...

    Jawarish Tabashir | Stomach Strength & Polydipsia


    Jawarish Tabashir acts as astringent and anti-dysenteric. Especially during the summer time, most of us experience problems like dehydration because of getting insufficient liquid intake and as a result, they...

    Habbe Kabid Naushadri | For Indigestion Issues


    Habbe Kabid Naushadri is effective as carminative, digestive and helps the liver to function properly. It is Beneficial in indigestion and heaviness of the abdomen also cures abdominal colic and...

    Ajmal Arq Kasni | Reduces Liver Inflammation


    Ajmal Arq Kasni reduces inflammation of liver, stomach, and spleen. Useful in jaundice,  gallbladder disorder, dropsy and other related diseases of liver and stomach. Reduces bilious heat and quenches thirst....

    Ajmal Arq Badiyan | Improves Stomach Functions


    Ajmal Arq Badiyan helps in digestion and relieves flatus, heaviness, Strengthens stomach and also helps to stop vomiting. It is commonly used for liver disorders along with Arq Kasni .  As...

    Arq Mako | For Organs Inflammation


    Arq Mako is effective in relieving inflammation of stomach, liver, intestine, spleen and uterus. It has many other health benefits. It also has the properties to treat mouth blisters, mouth...

    Jawarish Shahi | Strengthens Stomach & Increases Appetite


    Jawarish Shahi strengthens the stomach. It increases appetite. Beneficial in psychoneurosis and palpitation. Relieves throbbing and restlessness. Quenches excessive thirst. Dosages: Adults: 5g With Water Two Times A Day. Children:...

    Jawarish Kamuni | For Improvement in Digestion


    Jawarish Kamuni removes gastric coldness, acidic belch, and indigestion. Give strength to the stomach and increases appetite. Cleanses the stomach after evacuating the effete matters, Beneficial for constipation. Act as...

    Habbe Papita | For Indigestion & Stomach Ache


    Habbe Papita improves the digestion. It increases appetite. It is also useful in abdominal pain. Act as well as carminative and laxative. Habbe Papita is indicated in digestive weakness, indigestion,...

    Gas Mint | For Flatulence


    Digestive problems can be troublesome and mortifying. Our gas mint product efforts swiftly to reduce flatulence, gas, abdominal discomfort and indigestion.  Contains the main ingredient named as badyan which is...

    Seeko Ajmali


    Seeko Ajmali is useful in inflammation of liver, stomach, intestine and uterus and improves their functions. The main ingredient used in Seeko Ajmali is Apium Graveolens that is being used...

    Jawarish Anarain | Stomach Tonic


    Jawarish Anarain is Liver and stomach tonic having the prosperities of emetic and anti-phlegmatic. Jawarish Anarin act as refrigerant. Jawarish Anarain is an effective Unani medicine formed by Dawakhana Hakeem...

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