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    Arq Chobchini Ba Nuskha Kalan | Cleans Blood


    Arq Chobchini Ba Nuskha Kalan is useful in the purification of blood. It is also effective in purging mal humor, blood impurities from the body. Prevents itching pruritis and other...

    Arq Masihi Arq Masihi


    Arq masihi is effective in the treatment of tuberculosis. It is useful in the weakness of lung due to any lung disease. Useful in chronic cough and heal wounds of...

    Arq Ushba | For Syphili & Skin Diseases


    Arq Ushba is effective in melancholic (saudawi) diseases gonorrhoea, syphilis. It also treats rheumatoid arthritis. The main ingredient of Arq Ushba is Sphaeranthus indicus, which contains antibacterial and antimicrobial properties...

    Arq Gaozaban | For Strengthens Heart


    Arq Gaozaban provides strength to the heart, normalizes heartbeat and palpitation. Also, reduce the intensity of fever and  Quenches excessive thirst. Dosage: 1 cup before breakfast or as directed by...

    Arq Sheer Marakab | For Maloncholic Conditions


    Arq Sheer Marakab eliminates dryness from the skin. Useful in mental disorders like melancholia, psychoneurosis, and anxiety. It is also effective in tuberculosis. Dosage: 1 cup before breakfast Packing Size:...

    Arq Ajwain Arq Ajwain | For Improved Digestion


    The active component of Arq Ajwain is Borage Officinalis (Gaozaban). It contains a fatty acid called gamma linolenic acid or GLA. The GLA seems to have antiinflammatory effects that can...

    Arq Chahar | Strengthens Digestion


    Arq Chahar strengthens the digestive system. It increases appetite. Act as carminative. Dosage: Adult: 40ml two times a day Children: One tablespoon three times a day or directed by a...

    Arq Elaichi Arq Elaichi | Relieves Indigestion Issues


    Arq Elaichi provides energy to your heart and stimulates it, restores the stomach to proper functioning in case of Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GRED) problem and diarrhea, stops vomiting and prevent...

    Arq Shahtara | Purifies Blood


    Arq Shahtara is widely used for purification of blood. Remove pimples and freckles from the skin. Effective in diseases due to blood disorders. Dosage: 1 cup before breakfast or directed...

    Arq Amber Arq Amber


    Arq Amber strengthens heart, brain, liver, and stomach. also, protect the natural heat of the body. Useful in fainting, general debility and syncope. Replaces lost energy. Invigorates the entire body...

    Arq Brinjasuf | For Internal Inflammations


    Arq Brinjasuf has anti-inflammatory action and It also dissolves internal inflammation of the organs. Dosage: 1 cup before breakfast or as well as directed by a physician Packing Size: 800ml...

    Arq-e-Gulab (Spray )- Ajmal Rose Water


    Ajmal Arq-e-Gulab (Rose Water) is produced by steam distillation of fresh rose petals. It contains no artificial ingredients as well as the most traditional of all facial cleansers. It gives...

    Arq Murakkab Musaffi Khoon | Purifies Blood


    Arq Murakkab Musaffi Khoon purifies the blood. Prevent acne, pimples, boils, itch, purifies and other skin eruptions. Useful in gonorrhea and syphilis. Purifies the blood, improves the complexion and keeps the...

    Arq Mundi | For Skin Ulcerations


    Arq Mundi helps to purify the blood and improves complexion. Effective in skin ulcerations, ringworm, scabies, allergy, and other skin diseases. It is also useful in improving vision. Dosage: use...

    Ajmal Arq Podina | Relieves Stomach & Gas Issues


    Ajmal Arq Podina makes digestion better. Act as carminative and give strength to the stomach (stomachic). It also stops nausea and vomiting. Ajmal Arq Podina has lots of anti-oxidants which...

    Arq Mundi Sharifi (seyh-atisha) | Chronic Skin Allergies


    Arq Mundi Sharifi is useful in the purification of blood. Effective in chronic skin allergies, pimples, freckles. Also Removes black spots of the face and improves complexion. Dosage: 1 cup...

    Arq-e-Chobchini Arq Chob Chini | For Pimples & Abscesses


    Arq Chob Chini is useful in the purification of blood. Effective in purging malhumors and blood impurities from the body. It also improves complexion. Dosage: 1 cup before breakfast or ...

    Arq-e-Gulab (Rose Water) | For Eye & Skin Disorders


    Arq-e-Gulab (Rose Water) is produced by steam distillation of fresh rose petals. Arq-e-Gulab contains all-natural ingredients, there is no artificial ingredients and is renowned as the most traditional of all...

    Ajmal Arq Kasni | Reduces Liver Inflammation


    Ajmal Arq Kasni reduces inflammation of liver, stomach, and spleen. Useful in jaundice,  gallbladder disorder, dropsy and other related diseases of liver and stomach. Reduces bilious heat and quenches thirst....

    Ajmal Arq Badiyan | Improves Stomach Functions


    Ajmal Arq Badiyan helps in digestion and relieves flatus, heaviness, Strengthens stomach and also helps to stop vomiting. It is commonly used for liver disorders along with Arq Kasni .  As...

    Arq Mako | For Organs Inflammation


    Arq Mako is effective in relieving inflammation of stomach, liver, intestine, spleen and uterus. It has many other health benefits. It also has the properties to treat mouth blisters, mouth...

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