Ajmal Dawakhana Products for Males

    V2 Ajmali | For Increasing Time & Sexual Strength


    V2 Ajmali is an excellent aphrodisiac. It is for Pleasure and Increasing Time.An effective herbal remedy for sexual and nervine weakness, spermatorrhoea and nocturnal emission, potentiates the functioning of essential organs....

    Tila Khas No.1 | For Male Organ Strength


    Over the period of this decade, the demand for Tila Khas No.1 has increased considerably. It is the complete cure for sexual disorders caused y excessive sexual intercourse or masturbation....

    Tila Kharateen | For Male Organ Strength


    Tila Kharateen increases blood circulation in the affected male sex organ. It removes sexual weakness and energises the male sex organ and helps in erection. Tila Kharateen is a best herbal muscular...

    Tila Mutawil | For Male Organ Size


    Tila Mutawil is an excellent tonic, it increases the circulation of blood towards the muscles, nerves, vessels and corpus cavernosum of the pains which helps in its nourishment and as a result increase...

    Jameelan | For Spermatorrhoea & Semen Viscosity


    Are you looking for an effective remedy for Spermatorrhoea (excessive and involuntary semen discharge) that doesn’t disturb the stomach health? Jameelan is your cup of tea, then. Spermarorrhoea is a...

    Takmeed Sharifi | For Male Organ Strength


    Takmeed Sharifi produces vitality and vigor. It makes muscles and vessels of male sex organ smooth. Takmeed Sharifi is an application that is used for the treatment of male sex organ...

    Tila Ajeeb Sharifi | Helps Improve Male Organ Strength


    Tila Ajeeb Sharifi increases blood circulation throughout the male sex organ and is effective in male sex organ problems. Tila Ajeeb Sharifi also helps treat the hyper sensitization of male...

    Tila Muqqawi Sharifi | For Sexual Strength In Men


    Tila Muqqawi Sharifi is effective herbal medication that acts as aphrodisiac for sexual debility and erectile dysfunction. It also gives strength to the male sex organ by improving and increasing...

    Majun Raig Mahi | Best Sexual Strength Medicine


    Majun raig mahi is very useful and competent medicine used in the treatment of sexual strength, premature ejaculation and low sperm count. Its active ingredient is palemon curtinus, commonly known as jhinga machli which...

    Itar Aish | For Intercourse Pleasure


    Itar Aish is a combination of perfumed herbs. It increases pleasure. Both sides enjoy moments. Itar Aish is prepared by blending some precious essential oils and herbs.  It produces a...

    Ilmas Kimiyavi | For Nervine & Sexual Power


    Ilmas-e-Kemyavi is an expensive yet extremely effective Nervine tonic tablet for men wrapped in gold foil. It was formulated by Hakim Ajmal Khan. Ilmas Kimiyavi contains nine profoundly refined normal...

    Majun Muqawwi Mumsik | Increases Sex Drive


    Majun Muqawwi Mumsik increases sexual desire gives more vitality to the male organ.  Also increases the strength of erection with a full flow of the blood. High-quality aphrodisiac and as well as effective in sexual debility....

    Tila Mumsik Khas | Increases Semen Viscosity


    Tila Mumsik Khas cures seminal dilution and impotency due to overindulgence in sexual activity andmasturbation prior to marriage. It is effective in hypersensitivity, premature ejaculation, lack ofseminal viscosity. Dosage: Apply Tila...

    Labub Kabir Ajmali | For Nerves & Vital Organs


    Labub Kabir Ajmali is a sugar/honey based semi-solid natural preparation known compound of Islamic Tibb. It contains 40 high-quality natural ingredients that are helpful in strengthening the brain, nerves and the...

    Tila Musamman Sharifi | For Male Organ Strength


    Tila Musamman Sharifi gives strength to the male sex organ.  Dosage: Apply Tila on male sex organ and gently massage for a few minutes. Hot betel leaf bandageis also done after its applications...

    Qurs Zarin | Relieves Bladder Weakness Issues


    Indications: Qurs Zarin is effective in the weakness of the bladder and kidney. Dosages: One To Two Tablets With water Before Breakfast Or As Directed By The Physician. Packing Size: 20tabs 180tabs

    Roghan Beer Bahuti Khas | Male Sexual Organ Strength


    Roghan Beer Bahuti Khas is a male private part massage oil used by hundreds of thousands of men around the world. It is a powerful combination of potential herbs and natural...

    Qurs Qalai | For Spermatorrhoea


    Qurs Qalai is an effective formulation of Unani medicine used for the treatment of male sex disorders, highly effective for spermatorrhoea, nocturnal emission, premature ejaculation and dilution of semen. It...

    Taryaq Masana | Relieves Bladder Issues Effectively


    Taryaq Masana is an effective herbal remedy for bladder weakness. It is also useful in inflammation and pain of bladder. The main herbal ingredient of Taryaq Masana is Physalis alkekengi,...

    Sharbat Bazoori Motadil | Liver, Kidney & Bladder Issues


    Sharbat Bazoori Motadil is effective in liver, kidney and gall bladder diseases. It acts as a diuretic and promotes diuresis. It helps in reducing the amount of fluid in your...

    Safoof Gond Katery Wala | Relieves Spermatorrhoea


    Safoof Gond Katery Wala is effective in spermatorrhoea (Involuntary discharge of semen), premature ejaculation. It is useful in eliminating irritation in the urethra. It reduces hyperesthesia. Dosage: 3g with milk two times a...

    Sharbat Bazuri Barad | Diuretic & Relieves Body Heat


    Sharbat Bazuri Barad a Unani remedy produced by Dawakhana Hakeem Ajmal Khan for the treatment of liver, kidney and bladder ailments. It works as a diuretic, helps in dropping the liquid...

    Tila Aqur Qurha | Increases Male Organ Strength


    Tila Aqur Qurha is helpful in debility of male sex organ. This miraculous herbal oil also energises the male sex organ and helps in erection. The potent herbs, used in...

    Tila Mukhdar Sharifi | For Premature Ejaculation


    Tila Mukhdar Sharifi is effective for spermatorrhoea and premature ejaculation. It is also beneficial in nocturnal emission. Dosage: Apply Tila on male sex organ and gently massage for a few minutes. Hot betel...

    Majun Masik-ul-Boul | For Bladder Weakness Issues


    Majun Masikul Bole is effective in incontinence of urine. Effective in bladder problems. It is useful in enuresis (Bedwetting happens when a child pees during sleep without knowing it. Many children will use the...

    Majun Azraqi | Best Treatment for Nerves Issues


    Indication: Majun Azraqi is useful in epilepsy, paralysis, cough, arthritis and different types of joint pains. Very useful for strengthening nerves in the winter season, protects old people from the harmful...

    Habbe Jalinoos | For Stomach Health & Sexual Power


    Habbe Jalinoos strengthens sexual power. It is useful in stomach weakness. It long term use reduces excessive phlegm.   Treatment Strengthens sexual power Useful in stomach weakness Reduces excessive phlegm   Dosage...

    Majun Tila Ajmali | For Vital Organs & Low Blood Pressure


    Majun Tila Ajmali, the best Unani medicine produced by Dawakhana Hakeem Ajmal Khan can help resolve the sexual debility problems. Majun Tila Ajmali is a combination of musk, saffron amber,...

    Habbe Khas | For Vital Organs Functions


    Habbe Khas It is Cardiac, cerebral and stomach tonic. Agent for maintaining body heat. Dosages: 1 tablet after meal two times a day. Or as directed by the physician. Packing Size: 20tabs

    Majun Nuqra Khas | For All Vital Organs


    Indication: Majun Nuqra Khas strengthen the heart, brain, and liver. It is effective in palpitation and psychoneurosis. Useful for especially high blood pressure patient. Beneficial in sexual debility. Dosages: 5g.With Luke Warm...

    Qurs Ajeeb Ahtalam | For Nightfall


    Dawakhana Hakeem Ajmal Khan produced herbal remedy named Qurs Ajeeb Ahtalam that is effective in nocturnal emission. It also helps in diseases like vertigo and low ejection fraction. Semen leakage or...

    Habbe Azaraqi | For Neural Problems


    Habbe Azaraqi is a neuronal stimulant and tonic. It is also useful in paralysis, facial paralysis and tremors. Habbe Azaraqi is good for paralytic and neuralgic affections, itching, dyspepsia, urinary...

    Majun Jalinus Lulvi | For Vital Organs Strength


    Indication: Majun Jalinus Lulvi act as an aphrodisiac. It improves male sexual power, removes debility of each organ as well as maintains vigor and vitality of sexual organ. It is also...

    Majun Murraweh-ul-Arwah | Perfect for Depression


    Indication: Majun Murraweh-ul-Arwah is protectant of the natural heat of the body (Hararat e Azizi). It increases the mating period with more virulent also strengthens nerves and increases memory. Helpful in sexual debility and give...

    Habbe Kimiyai Ishrat | For Nerves & Vital Organs


    Habbe Kimiyai Ishrat strengthens principal organs liver, and brain. It also strengthens the Heart. Moreover, It gives strengths to nerves. Dosage: 1 Tablet with lukewarm milk at bedtime. Or as directed by the...

    Habbe Khas Bara Hakim Saab | Best for Vital Organs


    Indication: Habbe Khas Bara strengthens principal organs like heart, liver, and brain. A best nervine tonic. Increases vitality and vigor. Dosage: 1 Tablet with water two times a day, Or as directed by the...

    Majun Arad Khurma | Relieves Spermatorrhoea


    Majun Arad Khurma checks excessive nocturnal emissions and spermatorrhoea also provides more viscosity to semen. It is helpful in sexual debility and acts as an aphrodisiac. It also Corrects the consolidation of semen, increases...

    Qurs Abiaz | For Spermatorrhoea


    Qurs Abiaz is curative for spermatorrhoea. It enhances ejaculation. Cochlospermum religiosum, Kushta qali, Acacia Arabica, Starch and sugar. Qurs Abyaz is very effective for spermatorrhoea. Dosage: One to two tablets with lukewarm,...

    Akseer-e-Sharifi | For Nightfall


    Akseer Sharifi is an effective herbal remedy for nocturnal emission formed by Dawakhana Hakim Ajmal Khan. This herbal treatment for nocturnal emission increases retention power and controls the disease of...

    Qurs Jiryan | For Spermatorrhoea


    Qurs Jiryan checks nocturnal emissions and spermatorrhoea. Many of these are due to sexual incentives, wrong habits, and actions in young. Controls all kinds of seminal discharge of pre or post-micturition. It Also...

    Majun Jalali | For Male Fertility


    Majun Jalali is a unique Ajmal medicine which aims at improving fertility by improving sperm count and making the sperm denser. It can also be used as a general or nerve tonic. Moreover,...

    Akseer Guda Qadamia Ajmali | For Bladder Inflammtion


    Indication: Akseer Guda Qadamia decomposes the enlarged gland of the bladder. Dosage: 5g (one teaspoon full) two times a day or As directed by the physician. Packing Size: 60gm

    Labub Barid | For Stomach & Male Health Issues


    Labub Barid is useful in high blood pressure. It strengthens the nerves. It is effective in sexual debility, general weakness, and oligospermia. Increases thickness of semen. Dosages : Adult:- 3g to 5g with...

    Habbe Amber Momyai | Nerves & Vital Organs


    Habbe Amber Momyai is a safe brain, heart and general tonic with no side effects and incredible rate of success. Composed of natural ingredients including Amber, Musk, Saffron and several traditional...

    Jameelan | For Spermatorrhoea & Semen Viscosity


    Jameelan is effective in spermatorrhoea, causing no side effect on the stomach. Increase the viscosity of semen. Jameelan help reduces the excretion in the form of drops before and after...

    Habbe Sara


    Strange sensations, unusual tastes or smells, collapsing, as well as a tingling sensation in your arms or legs are due to epilepsy. To treat these problems, Habbe Sara is an...

    Majun Salab | For Spermatorrhoea & Sexual Debility


    Majun Salab is Effective in thickening seminal fluid and increasing sperm count. Improves vigor and vitality. Provides nourishment to the male sexual organs thereby enhancing the secretion of hormones.  Eliminates Sexual Debility  Hypospermia  Poor...

    Qurs Mumsik Jadid | Premature Ejaculation & Low Libido


    Qurs Mumsik Jadid is an effective herbal medicine for the treatment of decreased libido and lack of vitality. Decreased libido is a male health problem that is caused by low...

    Majoon Mughalliz Jawahar | For Spermatorrhoea


    Majoon Mughalliz Jawahar Majoon Mughaliz Jawahar is highly effective in nocturnal emission, spermatorrhoea, and checks premature ejaculation. It is best for male Sexual Health, No Chemicals used. 100% Natural and manufactured under pure...

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